Plants That Attract Birds

Plants That Attract Birds

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Idaho is home to over 360 species of bird including Song Sparrow, Evening Grosbeak,
Broad-tailed Hummingbird, and of course, our friendly neighborhood American Robin. Besides delighting us with their intricate tunes and antic behavior, these birds also provide us with a natural, environmentally friendly form of pest control, keeping our yards beautiful without the need for harsh chemicals. Before designing your landscape, take time to consider the placement of both fruiting
and non-fruiting trees and shrubs to provide food, shelter, and room for nesting. Ornamental additions like bird baths will also add to the comfort and appeal of your yard.

Trees for Fruit Production

Cherry, Black Dogwood, Pagoda*
Cherry, Canada Red Euonymous, Winged*
Chokecherry, Amur Hackberry, Common
Chokecherry, Shubert Hawthorn, Crimson Cloud
Crabapple, Centurion Hawthorn, Paul’s Scarlet
Crabapple, Brandywine Hawthorn, Thornless Cockspur
Crabapple, Lolipop* Locust, Purple Robe
Crabapple, Louisa Weeping* Mayday Tree
Crabapple, Prairifire Mayday Tree, Red Leaf
Crabapple, Profusion Mountain Ash, European
Crabapple, Radiant Mountain Ash, Cardinal Royal
Crabapple, Royal Fountain* Mountain Ash, Oakleaf
Crabapple, Royal Raindrops* Oak, Northern Pin
Crabapple, Royalty Serviceberry, Autumn Brilliance
Crabapple, Sargent Tina*

* Trees marked with an asterisk are ornamental forms and generally grow to significantly smaller
sizes than ordinary shade trees.
A majority of the crabapples listed are “persistent” fruit varieties, holding their apples through the
winter. These provide ample food for birds during the lean months without making a mess of your

Trees for Shelter and Nesting

Ash, Marshall Maple, All Varieties
Ash, Patmore Olive, Russian

Birch, Paper Pine, All Varieties

Catalpa Spruce, All Varieties

Fruit Producing Shrubs

Barberry, Emerald Carousel Elderberry, Black Lace
Barberry, Crimson Pygmy Euonymous, Winged Burning Bush
Barberry, Rose Glow Honeysuckle, Arnold Red
Blueberry, Northblue Honeysuckle, Honeybush
Blueberry, Northcountry Honeysuckle, Honeyrose
Blueberry, Patriot Olive, Russian
Blueberry, Polaris Oregon Grape, Creeping
Buckthorn, Columnar Privet, Cheyenne
Buffaloberry Privet, Lodense
Caragana, Siberian Pea Shrub Privet, Golden Vicary
Cherry, All Fruiting Varieties Roses, Rugosa Varieties
Cherry, Canada Red Sandcherry, Western
Chokeberry, Brilliant Red Sumac, Gro-Low Fragrant
Chokeberry, Glossy Black Sumac, Smooth
Chokeberry, Autumn Magic Sumac, Cutleaf Smooth
Cotoneaster, Cranberry Sumac, Staghorn
Cotoneaster, Peking Sumac, Cutleaf Staghorn
Dogwood, Ivory Halo Viburnum, Blue Muffin
Dogwood, Red Gnome Viburnum, Cardinal Candy

Dogwood, Red Twigged Viburnum, Compact European Cranberry Bush

Dogwood, Kelsey Dwarf Viburnum, Bailey Compact American Cranberry Bush

Fruit Producing Vines

American Bittersweet
Boston Ivy
Engleman Ivy
Grape, All Varieties
Trumpet Vine
Virginia Creeper