What Can I Plant Now?


Some folks think they have to wait "until the chance of frost has passed" before they plant anything in their yards and gardens. But experienced gardeners know that there are lots of things that

What Can I Plant Now?2021-06-28T17:21:59-06:00

Caring for Birds in Winter


When winter arrives with the bitter temperatures and biting winds, we humans huddle inside with a hot cup of cocoa and a blazing fire in the fireplace. When we go out we don winter coats,

Caring for Birds in Winter2021-06-16T13:11:52-06:00

Lawn Care Made Easy


The key to achieving a lush, dark green lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood is simple- apply the right product at the right time throughout the season. At Town & Country Gardens we

Lawn Care Made Easy2021-06-28T17:23:15-06:00

MGM- Mittleider Gardening Method


Jim Kennard When you hear "MGM" most people think of a Hollywood movie studio, but increasingly it has become synonymous with the "Mittleider Gardening Method". I first heard of the Mittleider Gardening Method

MGM- Mittleider Gardening Method2021-06-28T17:24:40-06:00

Why Do Trees Turn Color in Fall?


The downside of living in the northern part of the country is that most trees lose their leaves for the winter. The upside is that many of them really put on a show before the

Why Do Trees Turn Color in Fall?2021-06-28T17:26:00-06:00

What To Do In The Aftermath


Billbug grub damage A severe infestation of billbug grubs can leave your lawn looking like a battlefield… a battle they won… decisively. But as bad as it may look, all is not lost.

What To Do In The Aftermath2015-08-24T11:37:12-06:00

My Love Affair with Trees


Try to say trees without smiling. You can’t, can you? I know I can’t. I think I first fell in love with trees as a  12 year-old boy when I built my first tree house.

My Love Affair with Trees2015-08-04T12:41:40-06:00

Fire Blight


Fire blight is a bacterial disease primarily affecting pears and apples. It can be spread by insects, contaminated pruning tools, wind and rain-splash. Pear and apple are most susceptible at flowering, but actively growing shoots

Fire Blight2015-07-13T17:54:45-06:00


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