December Checklist

December Checklist

Now that the gardening season is winding down, it’s time to tidy up, prepare for winter, and plan for spring.

Town & Country’s solution specialists are available during store hours to answer your gardening questions. For accurate diagnosis, bring in a sample (preferred) or a picture of the problem.

Bird Feeding

  • Place bird feeders near windows for a show all winter.
  • Stock up on black oil sunflower, suet, and thistle seed for feeding the birds this winter.
  • Put suet feeders out now. It’s a great winter source of energy for birds.
  • Put a heated dish or heated birdbath in your yard to keep a supply of water open for the birds. Water will draw as many birds to your yard as feeders.


  • Stock up on indoor plants to bring Mother Nature inside for the winter.
  • Put Christmas cactus on a cool porch where the cold temperatures will promote flowering.
  • Create a fall and or winter arrangement with pine boughs, dogwood branches, etc. for a nice winter bouquet.
  • Put up Christmas lights before the snow flies. It’s not only more pleasant, but safer.

Always read and follow label directions when using any garden chemicals and fertilizers.