Growing your own tomatoes is EASY!

What you’ll need: Optional:
Fertilome Root Stimulator Wall o’ Water Protectors
Save-a-Tree Plant Food Stakes or Cages T&C Soil Enhancer

Step 1: Select good varieties. See reverse side. Varieties with “days to harvest” of 60 to 75 days are best for our area. Early Girl is our most popular and dependable variety.

Step 2: Plant in a sunny area. If plants are tall and leggy plant with the rootball horizontal. (See illustration at right.) Roots will form along the buried stem for a more robust plant.

Step 3: Water in with Fertilome Root Stimulator solution (according to directions on bottle). Thereafter water with plain (non-softened) water when soil surface is dry.

Step 4: Protect from wind and frost with Wall o’ Water, hot cap, or other protection as necessary.

Step 5: Feed monthly with Save-a-Tree plant food. (1/2 cup per gallon of water)

Step 6: Support with stake or cage. Indeterminate varieties (see back) should be staked or caged for best results. Determinate varieties can be grown without support.

Step 7: Enjoy your harvest. Tomatoes out of the garden are SO much more flavorful than those purchased at the supermarket. Depending on the variety chosen and the use of plant protectors you should harvest your first fruit between mid-July and early September.

Tomato Varieties

Determinate- Bush type that doesn’t need support. Tend to ripen all at once.

Indeterminate– Vigorous, viny plants do best when staked or caged. Fruit continuously until frost.

Heirloom- An heirloom tomato is an “old-time” open-pollinated (non-hybrid) variety.

VFNTA- Symbols for disease resistance- Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, (a second F indicates resistance to more than one race), Nematodes, Tobacco mosaic virus, and Alternaria.

AAS- All-America Selections winner. Selected for outstanding performance.


Days to Harvest

Oregon Spring 60 5 oz. red oval fruit. Few Seeds. Tolerates cool nights better than most. Non- hybrid.
Celebrity Hybrid 70

VFFNTA AAS    8 oz. fruit that refuse to crack! Disease resistant. Dependable. Very popular.

Patio Hybrid 70 Large yields of 2″ round red tomatoes. Very small compact plant. Excellent for pots, containers, and small gardens.
La Roma II Hybrid 75 VFFNA 5 oz. red cylindrical fruit. Italian paste tomato. Very popular for making tomato sauce or paste.
Roma VF 75

VF    2 oz. red cylindrical fruit. Very meaty. Italian paste tomato. Very popular for making tomato sauce or paste. Open pollinated.

Early Girl Hybrid 55 VFF 4 to 8 oz. red fruit. Early, reliable and prolific. Our most popular tomato by far. Good for fresh eating, salsa, and more.

Early Goliath Hybrid

58 VFFNT Flavorful 8 oz. red globes. Larger, more disease resistant than Early Girl.
Champion Hybrid 70 VFNT Luscious sandwich tomato. Bigger than Early Girl and earlier than Better Boy.

Super Fantastic Hybrid

70 VF Dependable large, flavorful fruit. A favorite in east Idaho for many years.
Lemon Boy Hybrid 72 7 oz. lemon yellow fruit. Wonderful, unique color and flavor.
Big Beef Hybrid 73 VFFNTA AAS. Beautiful, smooth, 12 oz. red globes with real old-time flavor. A newer variety that is already very popular.

Better Boy Hybrid


VFN Large, round 14 oz. slicers. One of the best tasting tomato hybrids. Been around for many, many years and is still very popular.

Beefmaster Hybrid 80 VFN  Very large beefsteak tomato with 1 to 2 lb. fruit.
Black Krim 75 3-4″ purple/black fruit with green shoulders. Fantastic, intense, slightly salty taste.
Green Zebra 78 2″ round dark green fruit with yellow stripes. More tart than regular tomatoes. Intense flavor.
Cherokee Purple 80

Huge 16 oz. dusky red fruit with green shoulders. Dense, juicy texture and unique flavor.

Brandywine 85 Unique potato-like leaves. Large 12 oz. pink/red beefsteak fruit. Around since 1880.
SunSugar 62 Super sweet, yellow, cherry size tomato. Consistently wins consumer taste tests. Very heavy producer. Indeterminate hybrid, needs staking.
Sweet 100 65

VFN Sweet, red, cherry size tomato. Heavy producer. Indeterminate hybrid, needs staking.