Native Plants For East Idaho

Native Plants For East Idaho

Whether for beauty, drought tolerance, wildlife, or hardiness, many homeowners in East Idaho are
looking to native plants for their landscaping needs. When grown in the appropriate conditions native plants
can be very hardy and rarely need pruning, fertilizer, or insecticides. The first and possibly second year will
require nearly the same water and weeding as a traditional garden. But within a few years, the benefits will
become apparent: healthy beautiful plants, an increase in native birds and other pollinators, a lower water bill,
and reduced use of chemicals in the environment. The following list is a sampling of commonly available plants
that are native to East Idaho and are well adapted to our soils and climate.
For additional information go to the web site of the Idaho Native Plant Society-


Columbine- Aquilegia species

Bitteroot- Lewisia species

Blanket Flower- Gaillardia species (regional)

Evening Primrose- Oenothera caespitosa

Flax, Blue — Linum lewisii

Geranium, Hardy — Geranium sanguineum

Globe Mallow- Sphaeralcea species

Penstemon, Rocky Mountain — Penstemon strictus

Yarrow- Achillea millefolium


Buffaloberry- Shepherdia argentea (regional)

Chokecherry- Prunus virginiana

Currant, Golden- Ribes aureum

Dogwood, Red Twig- Cornus seric ea

Oregon Grape, Creeping- Mahonia repens

Potentilla- Potentilla fruticosa

Sagebrush — Artemesia species

Serviceberry — Amelanchier alnifolia

Sumac, Oak Leaf- Rhus triobata

Sumac, Rocky Mountain — Rhus glabra cismontana

Syringa – Philadelphus lewisii (State Flower)


Dwarf Mountain Lover- Paxistima myrsinites (regional)

Kinnickinnick — Arctostaphylos uvaursi (regional)

Penstemon, Creeping Red — Penstemon pinnafolius

Potentilla, Creeping — Potentilla verna

Pussytoes — Antennaria parvifolia

Stonecrop — Sedum species


Aspen- Populus tremuloides

Birch, Western River (Water Birch)- Betula occidentalis

Boxelder- Acer negundo

Chokecherry— Prunus virginiana

Fir, Alpine- Abies lasiocarpa

Juniper, Rocky Mountain — Juniperus scopulorum

Maple, Bigtooth- Acer grandidentatum

Maple, Rocky Mt. — Acer glabrum (regional)

Oak, Gambels- Quercus gambelii (regional)

Pine, Bristlecone- Pinus aristata (regional)

Pine, Limber- Pinus flexilus

Pine, Ponderosa- Pinus ponderosa (regional)

Serviceberry- Amelanchier alinfolia

Spruce, Colorado- Picea pungens (regional)