My Fall Gardening Checklist

My Fall Gardening Checklist

We’ve been experiencing some incredible fall weather lately- blue skies, temperatures in the 60’s and no wind, and I have taken advantage of it. I’ve been stealing a few hours here and there all week to get the last of my fall projects done around the yard. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far.


  1. Mowed lawn short
  2. Edged along the sidewalks
  3. Applied winterizer lawn food
  4. Raked leaves
  5. Cleaned leaves out of pond
  6. Cut back perennials
  7. Harvested last of carrots
  8. Cleaned garden spot
  9. Fed trees
  10. Mulched roses
  11. Serviced snowblower
  12. Winterized sprinkler system

Yet to do:

  1. Prune raspberries
  2. Apply Casoron to raspberries
  3. Apply sulfur to raspberries
  4. Clean rain gutters
  5. Do a little pruning
  6. Winterize lawnmower

I might mention that I like to use rose collars to protect my roses, but I clip two collars together to make a collar that is larger to fit around the plant more easily. (See picture above.) It provides more protections and is much easier to fit it around the roses.

Well, it looks like I’ve got today and tomorrow to finish up before winter sets in on Friday with snow and highs in the 30’s. Time to leave the computer and get back out in the yard.