March Gardening Checklist and Tips

March Gardening Checklist and Tips

March means new beginnings! There is plenty to do this month as the growing season is just around the corner.

Town & Country’s plant doctors are available during store hours to answer your gardening questions. For accurate diagnosis, please bring in a sample (preferred) or a picture of the problem.

Tropicals and Houseplants

  • Now is a good time to re-pot houseplants into slightly larger pots using Town & Country Professional Potting Mix .
  • Houseplants sense spring with the longer days. Begin feeding with Bonide Houseplant Food to encourage healthy new growth.
  • Add Orchids, African violets, Bromeliads and other flowering plants to bring color indoors.

Indoor Seed & Bulb Starting

  • Start flower and vegetable seeds indoors. Ask for a copy of our Seed Starting Guide for recommended indoor sowing dates and tips for success. (Also available on our website.)
  • Use grow lights to encourage healthy growth of seedlings and other indoor plants.
  • Begin fertilizing seedlings with Fertilome Water Soluble Plant Food 20-20-20.
  • Purchase Town and Country Gardens Select Garden seed now. Mark your seedlings with wood or plastic labels to identify varieties and planting dates.
  • Plant dahlia, canna, and begonia bulbs indoors for planting out later.


  • Prune and thin raspberry plants to clean up last year’s dead canes.
  • Apply Soil Sulfur to prevent yellowing of raspberry leaves.
  • Dormant bare root raspberries and strawberries can be planted beginning in mid to late March as soon as they are available.
  • Apply Casoron herbicide granules to prevent weeds in raspberries all season long.
  • Spray fruit trees with Bonide All Seasons Dormant Spray to kill overwintering insects and eggs.
  • Remove straw mulch from strawberries if it was applied last fall.


  • Prune back dead stalks on perennial flowers and ornamental grasses to the ground.
  • Fertilize established bulbs with a side dressing of Dutch Bulb Food.
  • Fertilize perennial flowers with T&C Fruit & Flower Food.
  • Prepare seed bed and plant Wildflower seed from mid March to late April.


  • Remove any spent vines and corn stalks from garden spot if not completed last fall.
  • Add Soil Enhancer or compost as well as sulfur, and rototil into soil to prepare seed bed.
  • If you have a high tunnel hoop house you can plant cool weather crops like lettuce now.


  • Avoid removing winter protection from roses until weather warms enough that new shoots are beginning to emerge. Then prune canes to 8-12” on hybrid teas. Remove dead canes.


  • Rake matted grass as snow recedes to prevent snow mold from damaging your lawn.
  • Apply T&C Humates (Step-1) to your lawn to help decompose lawn thatch and green up your lawn. This can be done anytime in March or early April.
  • Ask about our 4-Step Lawn Care System for the greenest, healthiest lawn in the neighborhood.

Trees & Shrubs

  • Prune most trees now. Skip maples and birches until summer to avoid excessive bleeding.
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs with Save-A-Tree or T&C Tree & Shrub Food.
  • Apply Fertilome Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench to prevent most insect damage to your trees and shrubs for the entire growing season.
  • Spray shade trees with Bonide ALL Seasons Dormant Spray to kill overwintering insects and eggs.
  • Check staked trees and loosen or remove ties around trunks if necessary to prevent injury.

Always read and follow label directions when using any garden chemical or fertilizer.