Fall is for Decorating

Fall is a wonderful time of year in east Idaho! The weather is typically sunny and warm and the nights are cool and refreshing. With the changing of the seasons I like to change out the pots and planters in front of our home for the fall season. When we don’t get an early frost I sometimes hesitate to rip out flowers that are looking a little worse for wear yet are still blooming, but I know the frost is not too far away and I want to change the decor to match the season. So today I pulled the flowers out of my planters and replaced them with a fall theme using fall flowers including pansies, asters, and kale, and cornstalks, pumpkins, and gourds. And yes, I removed the soil from the planter and replaced it with a white pumpkin that the little girl is carrying in her basket. I love the change. It expresses the tone of the season very well, and will still look great when we start having frosts at night, which could happen beginning Wednesday night according to the weather forecast. I took a few pictures of how it looks today.

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