Fall Colors near Swan Valley, Idaho

Yesterday I took a drive up through Swan Valley to Palisades reservoir. I took the Falls Creek road along the south side of the river to the dam where I crossed back over on the new bridge below the dam. The fall colors are absolutely spectacular right now. If you live nearby and have the chance, be sure to take a ride up there this week. The colors are already peaking, so don’t delay. Most of these pictures were taken on the road up towards the Red Ridge trail head.

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  1. My family also saw the fall colors near Palisades Reservoir yesterday. We really enjoyed. We kept asking each other what trees turned yellow, red and burgundy. I thought the quaking aspens were all yellow, but couldn’t get close enough to the red and deep burgundy trees and bushes to identify them.

    Any thoughts? What trees and bushes turn red and burgundy in the fall?

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