Decorating your Porch Pots for Winter

Decorating your Porch Pots for Winter

The snowflakes may be falling and the trees bare, but that doesn’t mean your outdoor entryway needs to be bare as well. Don’t put those patio pots in storage. Create a winter design for your porch pots with colorful twigs and evergreens that will last all winter long.

In years past, after the first killing frost in the fall I would rip the dead plants out of my porch planters and store the dirt filled pots in the garage for the winter. But a few years ago I started keeping the pots out and decorating them for the holidays. They make a nice winter arrangement to welcome guests to our home, and they typically last until March.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

1- Cut off the old frozen plants in your containers. Don’t pull them up. You want the soil to remain solid to give you something firm to stick your branches into. You can use sand if you’ve already emptied your pots.

2- Poke in a spruce top or large evergreen branch to form the center of your pot.

3- Add seasonal branches, colorful berries, and evergreen foliage to dress up the pot for maximum appeal.

At our house we usually use evergreen branches or spruce tops as the main filler, add colorful dogwood or curly willow twigs, some winterberries, pine cones, and maybe a bauble or two. (When I say we, I actually mean my wife, or one of the gals at the greenhouse. I’ll admit I’m not great at making floral arrangements, but they certainly make it look easy!)

If you are like me and need a bit of guidance in decorating your porch pot for winter just stop by Town & Country Gardens. Our staff will be happy to assist you with your project. We have everything you need for decorating those containers to add a colorful accent to your landscape this winter. Our selection includes spruce tops, willow and dogwood branches, winterberry, pine cones, fragrant cedar, pine boughs, and much more.