Perennial Fall Planting

Perennial Fall Planting

Fall is an ideal time to plant for Spring Color. Traditionally we have only planted Spring Bulbs. But we can also plant Perennials that are Spring Bloomers. Usually we see things that are beautiful in the spring and then come in to find them and plant them. Doing this you still have to wait a full year until you can enjoy them fully. By planting in the fall you will have beautiful plants next spring. Here is list of some popular spring blooming Perennials:

Ajuga – Bugleweed

Galium – Sweetwoodruff

Arabis – Rockcress

Helenium – Orange Helenium

Arenaria – Sandwort

Helleborus – Christmas Rose

Armeria – Thrift

Iberis – Candytuf

Aster – Alpine Aster


Aubrieta – Rockcress

Myosotis – ForgetMeNot

Aurinia – Alyssum

Paeonia – Peony

Bellis – English Daisy

Papver – Iceland Poppy


Phlox – Creeping Phlox


Primula – Primrose

Cerastium – Snow In the Summer

Pulmonaria – Lungwort


Saponaria – Soapwort

Dicentra – Bleeding Hearts


Epimedium – Barrenwort

Tanacetum – Painted Daisy

Euphorbia – Cushion Spurge

Tiarella – Foam Flower

Fragaria – Strawberry

Viola – Violet