The ancient love story…

The story is that in ancient Japan there was a tribe, Senato was the chief’s daughter and one day while the woman of her tribe were fishing and the men were hunting deer she met Manibe.

The two fell quickly in love, although Manibe was a commoner, so their love had to be kept a secret. The two exchanged cherished gifts between each other. Eventually, it was wearing on them both to keep their love a secret. So together, they bravely told the

Chief, Senato’s father, that they were in love and asked for his blessing. He not only did not give his blessing but cursed their love.

Two days later, the two fled to the desolate woods together. They lived out the rest of their lives together in the woods. Senato and Manibe’s tribe believed that everything had a spirit of God in it. And mysteriously the Marimo moss balls began showing up in the rivers and lakes of the surrounding area. Which is believed to symbolize their love.

Marimo moss balls are often given as gifts as a sign of eternal love.