Hummingbird Guide

Hummingbird Guide

*Plants for East Idaho

Hummingbird- Ruby Troated

that can attract hummingbirds:
Trumpet Vine Trumpet

Honeysuckle Indian Paintbrush

Flowering Quince Monkey Flower Nasturtium

Fuchsia Lupine Scarlet Begonia

Beebalm Cardinal Flower Petunia
Halls Honeysuckle Butterfly Bush Penstemon
Red-hot-poker Lantana
Rosemary Scarlet Sage
*Note: Hummingbirds have a well know affinity for red. Most
plants listed have a flower or foliage that is a color between red
and orange.

FEEDING: Sugar water is best when in the strength of one part sugar to four parts
water. Any more may have an adverse effect on the hummingbirds; any less is
unattractive to the hummingbirds. Honey-water mixtures are dangerous to the birds.
Honey spoils quicker than sugar and contains bacteria that may cause a fatal fungal
disease on the tongue. Red food coloring in your mixture is unnecessary and potentially
dangerous to the hummingbird. Most commercial feeders are tinted red, which attracts
the hummingbirds. Once they discover a feeder, they will continue coming back,
regardless of its color.

PLACING FEEDERS: Place feeders near flowers and in the sun where they are most
likely to be seen. Once one or more hummingbirds are in the habit of visiting the feeder,
move to a more permanent location. Consider such factors as distance from house,
proximity to cover, importance of shade, and competition between hummingbirds.
DISTANCE FROM HOUSE: Feeders should be visible from windows or other vantage
points so that you may observe feeding and monitor feeders. Place near windows so
hummingbirds may become familiar with glass and come to recognize it as a barrier.
Windows sometimes appear to be clear. Red objects inside the window may attract
hummingbirds. Some may try to fly through closed windows in order to reach the
attractive object. This can greatly damage the delicate creatures. Some may also be
frightened by their own reflection in windows. Some feeders provide suction cups so
that you may attach them directly to your window.
Source: Ortho’s How to Attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies