2020 Spring Classes

Due to the current situation with COVID-19
we have moved
 our gardening classes online for now.
See our Facebook page and join us Live!
(We will also leave these videos up on our page for later viewing)
Classes last about 30 – 60 minutes.
Class dates, topics and instructors subject to change without notice




April 25 10:00 am Veggies and fruits- What can I plant now?
Many vegetables, fruits and berries tolerate frost and prefer to be planted this time of year, even in east Idaho. Learn what they are and the tips and tricks for a successful harvest.
May 2 10:00 am Flowers- What can I plant now?
Many flowers are tolerant of frost and can be planted now without worry, even in east Idaho. Learn what they are and how and where to plant and grow them.
May 9 10:00 am Pest Prevention- What can I do now?
Do insects, diseases, and weeds cause you problems in your yard or garden? Many pests can be prevented. Learn what you can do now to help prevent many insects, diseases, and weeds.
May 16 10:00 am Victory Garden 2.0- Veggie Gardening for Beginners
There is a huge resurgence in backyard and porch gardening this year. If you are new to gardening, or new to the area, join us to learn the tips and tricks from John Crook, owner of Town & Country Gardens.
May 23 10:00 am Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers-
Designing beautiful planters and hanging baskets

Whether you live on an acreage or in an apartment, everyone has room for a container or hanging basket of flowers. It’s one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to enjoy flowers… and veggies. Come learn with us.
May 30 10:00 am June Gardening Checklist-
What to do in the yard and garden this month

It’s nearly June. Let’s review some of the tasks and projects that should be on your checklist for the month, including some that you probably haven’t thought of.
June 6 10:00 am John’s Favorite Perennial Flowers for East Idaho
Tired of planting annual flowers every year? Perennial flowers come back year after year and provide an endless variety of color all summer long. Learn about some of John Crook’s favorite perennial flowers.
June 13 10:00 am John’s Favorite Trees & Shrubs
Deciding which trees and shrubs you want to plant in your yard can be a daunting task. How hardy is it? Is it messy? Does it bloom? Is it high maintenance? Learn some of John Crook’s favorite trees and shrubs for east Idaho.

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