2020 Fall Classes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have
moved our gardening classes online for now.
We look forward to having them in person again
when it is safe to do so. 
Beginning October 3 we are changing our format from 30 to 60 minute online classes to 5 to 10 minute garden class videos on specific fall gardening topics. We hope this will allow you to view more of the videos when you have only 10 minutes to spare. Stop back often. We plan to record many videos and post several each week.
Class dates, topics and instructors subject to change without notice




Sept 19 10:00 am Flowers for Fall Color – What can I plant now?
Learn how to extend the gardening season by planting flowers for fall color.
Also, we will discuss planting fall bulbs like tulips and daffodils for color next spring… And how to plant bulbs 3 layers deep in a pot for successive blooms over a long season next spring.
View the 35 minute video on YouTube here.
Sept 26 10:00 am Trees and Shrubs for Spectacular Fall Color
Learn which trees, shrubs, and vines produce the most spectacular fall hues of red, orange, and yellow. Also learn which have berries, bark and twigs that provide great fall and winter interest.
View the 21 minute video on YouTube here.
Preparing your Lawn for Winter
When and how to do the following in the fall:
Feed your lawn, Control weeds,Water the lawn, Mow the lawn, Remove leaves, Control voles, Winterize water system
View the 12 minute video on YouTube  here.
Preparing Your Berry and Veggie Garden for Winter
Preparing your Vegetable Garden, Berries and Grapes for Winter
View the 15 minute video on YouTube here.
Winterizing your Roses
Learn when and how to protect tender roses for winter.
View the 8 minute video on YouTube here.
Protecting Your Trees and Shrubs for Winter
When and how to protect tender trees and shrubs to reduce chance of winter injury.
Coming soon!

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