Fall Pruning of Raspberries


I love raspberries. And lucky for me we can grow great raspberries in east Idaho. But one of the problems we sometimes encounter is from heavy snow. A row or two of raspberries acts like

Fall Pruning of Raspberries2012-09-22T18:59:49-06:00

Think Spring this Fall


Spring blooming bulbs are some of the most prized flowers in the garden for a number of reasons. First of all they are the first to bloom in the spring. Secondly they require very little

Think Spring this Fall2012-09-22T18:24:48-06:00

Fall Care for the Backyard Pond


It's time to begin preparing your pond for the change in seasons. Fall is an important time of the year for keeping your backyard pond healthy and attractive not only for the fall but for

Fall Care for the Backyard Pond2012-09-22T18:02:08-06:00

Rocks in the Garden (on purpose)


We've lived in seven different homes since we were married 35 years ago, and most of them, including our current home, had plenty of cobblestone size rocks in the soil that made gardening difficult. And

Rocks in the Garden (on purpose)2012-09-22T15:11:23-06:00

Zucchini, Zucchini, Zucchini


Zucchini is so easy to grow, and so prolific, that it has become the butt of many jokes. Some say there should be a law against growing more than one plant per household. Others say

Zucchini, Zucchini, Zucchini2012-09-15T16:32:35-06:00

September- the best time to kill lawn weeds


Probably 90% of all attempts to kill lawn weeds are made in the spring. I can understand why, after all that's when we see the oceans of sunny yellow flowers spreading across the lawns in

September- the best time to kill lawn weeds2012-09-15T15:05:46-06:00

Keeping hobos out of your house


No, the recession isn't that bad. We don't have desperate people sneaking into our homes to find a place to live. But there is another critter that does sneak into our homes this time of

Keeping hobos out of your house2012-09-14T16:31:10-06:00

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