Blue Himalayan Poppy

Blue Himalayan Poppy

What You’ll Need:  
Essential Items Desirable Items
T&C Soil Enhancer T&C Fruit & Flower Food
Soil Sulfur Garden Elements Organic Plant Food
Root Stimulator Mulch


A relative to the Papaver poppy varieties this unusual plant blooms with a sky blue flower with a yellow center. They prefer

shaded woodland areas unlike their relatives who prefer the full sun. These are short lived tender plants that prefer a rich soil. Originally the Himalayan Poppy was thought to be a zone 5. There are new varieties that have been released that go to at least a zone 3.


The Poppy needs a good enriched soil. We recommend using T&C Soil Enhancer. Mixing in Soil Sulfur will also help lower the pH. Plant spacing should be about 1 foot apart. Water the plant in with a Root Stimulator solution now and again in two weeks. Fertilizer around the base of the plant with T&C Fruit & Flower Food or Garden Elements Organic Flower Food. Mulch it heavily, slightly pulled back from the plant. This will keep them cool in the summer and protect them in the winter.


To get these short lived Perennials to propagate you will need to do the following. First you need to make sure the plant does not go to seed the first year. In the second year you need to collect the seeds and sow them indoors in late winter, early summer. You can also scatter the seeds and sow them outdoors at the end of the season. Dividing the plant crowns every three years in early spring or just after flowering can also help them last longer.                     After flowering cut the plant back to promote strength for the second year of growth.

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