2016 Spring Classes


Classes are held on Saturdays at Town & Country Gardens (unless indicated otherwise)
Bring a friend!
Cost is $3.00 per person per class or $2.00 per person if you bring a friend.


IF=Idaho Falls




Class topics, instructors, and times subject to change without notice

IF & PC Feb 13 10:00 am Starting Veggie & Flower Seedlings Indoors
Learn how to start your own flowers and vegetables from seed. You’ll save money and have a blast doing it. Even the kids will enjoy watching the seeds sprout and grow. Learn about timing, soil, light, and water.
IF & PC Feb 20 10:00 am Pruning and Tree Care
Proper care of trees and shrubs includes periodic pruning. Learn when, why, and how to prune trees and shrubs. Overall tree care will also be discussed.
IF & PC Feb 27 10:00 am Grow in the Snow-3 season gardening with poly tunnels
A poly tunnel enables you to plant earlier and harvest earlier. It retains heat to speed plant growth and gives protection from frost and wind. Come and learn how to build a poly tunnel for a great harvest.
IF Mar 5 10:00 am How to deal with winter lawn damage
Do you have Snow mold fungus, voles, mice or other overwinter problems in your lawn? We will discuss treatments to these common problems in our area. Overall Spring lawn care will also be discussed.
PC Mar 5 10:00 am Spring Cleaning, For Your Yard
Learn what to do to get your yard back into business in the spring. What to cut back, what to leave, how to prevent weeds, diseases, and insects and more!
IF Mar 12 10:00 am Plant Your Garden in March… in Idaho?- Yes, you can!
Leo Castagno, inventor of the “Grow It Now” plant protector will show how he plants cool weather crops in March in Rexburg, ID and is harvesting produce by the time most people are just beginning to plant.
PC Mar 12 10:00 am How to Make Your Bed- How good soil makes good gardens
Good soil can make gardening a joy. Come and learn the secrets of building a fertile soil despite alkalinity, sand, clay, etc. Mulching and composting will be discussed as a key to good soil.
IF & PC Mar 19 10:00 am Grow your own Groceries: Vegetable Gardening in East Idaho
Growing your own veggies results in better flavor, health, and safety. But gardening in Idaho isn’t like gardening in other places. Learn the secrets to select, plant, nurture and harvest tasty veggies in Idaho.
IF & PC Mar 26 10:00 am Square Foot Gardening
Your garden can be filled with beautiful flowers, fresh herbs and luscious vegetables with NO WEEDS and NO HARD WORK. Is that possible? Yes! Come and learn about organic gardening the square foot way.
IF Apr 2 10:00 am Berries and Small Fruits
Enjoy delicious berries and small fruit from your own yard. Strawberries, raspberries, grapes, and other fruit varieties will be covered. Discussion will include variety selection, planting, pruning and care.
PC Apr 2 10:00 am Fruit Trees & Small Fruits
Enjoy delicious fruit from your own yard. Apples, peaches, plums, strawberries, raspberries, and grapes as well as other fruits will be discussed. Discussion will include variety selection, planting, and care.
IF Apr 9 10:00 am Fruit Trees for Eastern Idaho
Enjoy delicious fruit from trees in your own backyard. Apples, peaches, and plums, as well as other fruit varieties will be covered. Discussion will include variety selection, pruning, planting, and care.
PC Apr 9 10:00 am Miniature Gardens-Make and Take (Additional Fee)
Think small. Transform a tray and a collection of small-scale plants into an enchanting landscape. From the teeny-tiny benches and chairs to itty-bitty gazebos and patios, miniature gardens are “da bomb”.
IF & PC Apr 16 10:00 am Growing Roses in East Idaho
Growing roses can be one of the most rewarding things you can do in the garden, especially in our harsh climate. Discover the secrets of variety selection, feeding, pruning, pest control, and winter protection.
IF Apr 23 10:00 am Totally Tomatoes
The art of growing tomatoes from start to finish. Variety selection, fertilizing, pruning, soil amending, staking, mulching, watering, disease control, and harvesting. Heirloom vs. hybrid vs. grafted comparison.
PC Apr 23 10:00 am Porch Pots & Hanging Baskets
Learn how to design and plant a pot or hanging basket that will add color to your landscape all season long. Discover new varieties of flowers that will make your planters distinctively different and beautiful.
IF Apr 30 10:00 am Growing and Cooking with Herbs
Growing your own fresh herbs for cooking is one of the hottest trends in gardening today. Herbs can also offer a safe and natural way to help improve our health and happiness. Come join with us and learn how.